No idea what this is about? We’ve got some answers for you.

Who can attend?

This hackathon is open to anyone 18+ interested in having fun creating cool apps/projects with Kinect, Cortana, Speech, Microsoft Band and the Internet of Things.

Is this event for programmers only?

NO! Developers are neccesary, but anyone with a cool idea, anyone that wants to give a hackathon a try, UI designers, UX designers, marketers, biz dev people, (you get the idea) can join in and make meaningful contributions.

How many People are on each team?


How do you join a team?

You can come solo and meet up with others and form a team at the event or you can get your crew together beforehand and come as a team.

Who supplies the Kinects, Bands and IoT Kits?

Microsoft will have loaner sensors for your team to use at the event, but if you have your own you are welcome to bring it.

What else do we need to bring?

Definitely a laptop and any other devices/equipment to work on your project. Bring any dev tools that you use on your laptop or USB drive. A toothbrush and pillow(?).

Is there WiFi?

Most definitely.

How do we access the latest SDK?

The latest release version of the Kinect SDK can be downloaded here. The Microsoft Band SDK can be downloaded here.

Is there a theme or any particular type of app we have to build?

No. Like it says above, create games, business applications, usability software… whatever. You can create sensor enabled apps for mobile or desktop. You can also use Unity3D, The Unreal Engine, Python, etc.

What are the judging criteria?

There’s no shortage of Kinect projects out there. Show us what your team can do that is fresh and original.

Use of Technology
Kinect offers some really special features. Show us how you can make the most of the new API.

Use Case
When there’s purpose there’s a case for users. Show us why people will want your creation.

This is a hackathon. We want to see your project do cool stuff!

Additional Incentive
There will be an additional prize for the team who creates the best medical application.

Where is the hackathon being held?

Medical Valley Center – Henkestr. 91 – 91052 Erlangen – Germany

Will there be walk-in registration?

Probably not. But if so, it will be first come first served at 11:00AM Saturday. NO GUARANTEES WHATSOEVER!

Who owns the rights to what we create?

You do. Microsoft and Metrilus make no claims to your work, but you must abide by any ownership, copyright, and TOS provisions of any API’s or content you include in your project.

Are there any fees?

There is a 10,- EUR registration fee to secure your place.

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